Saturday, April 18, 2015

Crysis 2 - Mugger Recommends

I would like to preface this review by stating that I actually liked Crysis, and Crysis 2 a lot. Throughout the course of the game I noted on the aspects that made the title enjoyable, and those that made my teeth grate.

 The Nano-suit is about the closest you can get to being the predator without playing an Aliens title. It's unique set of abilities let you switch to Power, Stealth, and Armor mode on the fly. You always have several ways to approach any tactical situation and the suit gives you the tools to adapt as necessary. Power mode is technically always active and provides you with lethal unarmed or armed melee attacks and the ability to throw heavy objects at long range as projectile weapons. Power mode doubles as your sprint and long jump function in Crysis 2. Stealth mode allows you to avoid visual detection by almost all enemies in the game. If you're like me, and enjoy taking enemies out without raising the alarm, you'll spend most of the game in stealth mode. Armor mode provides you with substantial damage reduction from incoming enemy fire, falls, and environmental hazards. Tactical vision allows you to mark targets for tracking, and mark items and interest points for use and also doubles as a limited zoom binocular set. Nano-vision enables you to view your surroundings by thermal and EMF emission. Use this as night-vision and to help track enemies through brush or with cloaking. Each suit ability drains energy with use, the tactical vision being an exception. Nano-catalyst upgrades offer you various ways to tweak your suit abilities to play-style or necessity. I found that once I purchased the covert ops and nano-recharge enhancers that I didn't particularly need any of the others.

 The cinematics were mind blowing and over-the-top, displaying the awesome power of the suit without hogging too much game time. Just about every weapon has a point in the game where it can be useful. Taking from it's previous title the weapon customization is relatively the same as before but with a couple new attachments like the under-barrel shotgun, and under-barrel guass cannon. The option to swap one of your main weapons for the Grenade launcher (T-LAG) was a nice touch, not to mention you can carry ten rounds for it. The K-volt is a utility weapon that will be your best friend, in your hands, or your worst enemy, in the oppositions. Stealth take-downs are my favorite new addition to the abilities line-up, allowing you to maximize the usefulness of stealth mode and putting some much needed melee into the game. Another nice tweak to stealth mode is that you can now fire certain low-caliber weapons without completely depleting you energy and becoming visible. I did this quite a bit with the stealth scarab, to great effect. Levels were linear in most cases, but allowed for several approaches. The shotgun can now be silenced! The game didn't have many stealth related trophies so I didn't feel obligated to play stealthy every time, and it was fun enough as a whole that I gave it two play-throughs before I traded it in. You can kill enemies with a giant donut, nuff said.

Crysis 2 did what any great sequel should do, it took what made the first title great and extrapolated on it, but it also carried over some of the things that plagued the original and even managed to create some new ones. If it isn't broke, Crytek, don't fix it! Why are Seth Jelly-people now walking around in power-armor? This seems like a huge downgrade from their hover platforms in Crysis. I do see the argument that it was to facilitate stealth kills and take-downs, but that's where innovation comes in! They aren't just accompanied by the walkers either they are replaced, I expected to see at least a few fliers but the closest things were the gunships. Where are the other nano-suits? Seriously? Someone as connected as Hargreave should have had a few mercenaries with those things at his beck and call. He just had to have Prophets suit? He could have made his own from the start. There are so many holes in the plot that I'm not going to hit them all, suffice it to say that you'll enjoy the game a lot more if you just shoot stuff and ignore the story altogether. The stealth function is a little buggy, but the real pain is attempting to use C4 while cloaked. Somehow this drains your entire energy reserve and leaves you exposed. I didn't find much conventional use for C4 as a result, and the rocket luancher was plagued with inaccuracy and was a bit under-powered. It forced you to hold aim until contact or else it missed or sometimes blew up a few feet in front of you. The majestic and guass rifle show up too late in the game (Semper-fi or Die) to be any fun. At this point I found the K-Volt and DSG did not need to be replaced and the M-60 was a piece of junk. If you play on anything above normal difficulty do not bother with the nova-12, Feline, or the AY (uzi). Why can't we use alien weapons? Vehicles still handle like shit, and the tank needs a mini-gun in single player. The game autosaves BEFORE, and not after, nearly every conversation and radio transmission which in turn forces you to hear them over and over again if you die or need to restart an area. Lastly Alcatraz gets knocked out more than John Doggett on X-Files. You might as well draw some railway models and build us train! oh wait...

You may have noticed my lack of noting on multiplayer. Simply put, the game has been out too long to be conducive to allowing a noob like myself to garner any experience or , for that matter, enjoyment from multiplayer. The Community is a ghost town.
You want a good multiplayer game? Try COD Advanced Warfare or Mass Effect 3. I would not recommend this title for online gaming.