Friday, September 4, 2015

MGS V: The Phantom Game

I want to love this game, I really do. But it will not work. First of all let me be clear on some things, my pc is not a toaster. I'm running a FX 6300 six core processor with a nVidia GeForce GTX 780 evga GPU. I've got 16GB of RAM and I have tested this game on both windows 8.1 and windows 10. THE GAME WILL NOT WORK, AND THE DEVS DON'T CARE. I'll get maybe 5 minutes of game-play before the game freezes completely. I lose all control and the screen freezes. I have to use task manager in order to close the game, and I get the message "Windows display driver 355.82 has stopped responding and has been recovered"

...and yes I updated my fucking drivers

I have tried reinstalling the redistributables (vcred x64 and x86), rolling back the display drivers, updating my display drivers, cleaning the display drivers out with a specialized driver removal tool and then clean booting the drivers with the newest drivers. I have done virtually everything I could think of and none of it works. If you want to gamble with you money on a game that might not work then this game is for you.

To make matters worse the Konami moderators on the MGSV: TPP steam forums have shut down the bug reporting page and claimed that no one else was experiencing problems so there was no need to keep it open. And they took it a step further by censoring any new user-made complaint threads that popped up, including mine. I'm applying for a refund. #FuKonami

Update Sep 8, 2015 - Konami has denied my steam refund. Apparently I went over the game-play limit for a refund (11 hours total) because the game breaking bugs i was experiencing didn't start happening until about 8 hours in. Watch the video I posted above. This seems to have fixed it for the most part, but shit that was almost a week of being unable to play. Shame on you both.