Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tin Foil Rantcast - Episode 11

This episode is hosted by +Mike The Mugger  and  +Hairless Ape 

In Gaming news:

Parallax finally pulls the trigger and severs ties with GOG and steam, after Interplay refused to pay the company its Royalties for the last 9 years! The scary part is GOG and Steam's lackadaisical response, and what that could spell for users of these platforms in the near future. Is your games library safe? No one is talking, and millions of users are, likely, wistfully unaware of this danger.

Ad free at last, ad free at last! You pushed me to use this software, so now I'm washing my hands of this nonsense. 

In Robo-Cop News:

China's new taser equipped Police robot may be the NWO's wet dream come true.

In Open Blunders Borders News:

In Police State News:

The government is circumventing Posse Comitatus, and the American people are asleep behind the wheel.

In Virginia, Steal a candy-bar and a soda, because you are homeless and broke, well guess what- you get to DIE BITCH! This is how much they give a shit about you.

Still don't believe in the NWO???
ICE agent found dead after committing suicide, suicide letter he left portends the coming NWO.

In Star Wars News:
Did a beam weapon take out a power plant in Michigan? Jezuz can these poor people in Michigan catch a fucking break?

In Sharia Law News:

New video released teaches Muslim men how to “properly” beat their wives. Beat that bitch like she forgot her hijab! 

In Election 2016 News:

Trump said some things that offended some folks.
Hillary Clinton may have finally gone off the deep end - sabotaging her own campaign!

Breaking News:

Paul Ryan cuts a deal for Puerto Rico Bail-out, says it's not a bail-out.