Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tin Foil Rantcast - Episode 14

Co-Hosts: Circuit Zero, Hairless Ape, Immortal
Hello ladies and gentlemen, good mourn after evening. I am MikeTheMugger, your, not so humble, host. Welcome to this 14th episode of the Tin Foil Rantcast.

This is a non-secure line so please be sure to check you equipment for bugs, your connections for malware, and always ALWAYS be aware of what's floating in the skies above you. Yes I'm talking about those omnipresent satellites, those annoying surveillance drones, and of course; those slutty little, plane mounted, dirt-boxes. Get your Kevlar hats ready. Remember to utilize the pyramid shape, because, as we all know, the dome shape cannot deflect the anti-depressant fueled, NRA, right wing, Islamic state bullets!

This episode is brought to you via the power of and Server.

White guilt got you down? Tired of your minimum wage job, flipping burgers and cleaning toilets? Obamacare has the solution to your problem. Prescription Anti-depressants. Screaming babies, child that suddenly developed autism after a routine vaccination, going through a divorce, struggling with the skyrocketing health insurance premiums, have the burning desire to go on a killing spree? Just take a handful of these pills. It'll make everything better, we promise. Obamacare - Drug the pain away.
Starting out on a light note, or should I say a beautiful one. According to OMG these are the most beautiful female politicians today, Lets take a look ….. OMFG WHAAAAAAAAAAT! MY EYES!!!!!!

In Fashion News!:
Grindr to branch out into the world of FAHSION – just in time for the new FLA summer time look! TACTICAL!

In The Purge News:
Orlando mass shooting the worst in US history. This thing reeks of false flag from every possible angle. Suspect was a known patron of gay clubs, used gay dating apps. Supposed call in to 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS? ORLY? Did he also wear a turbin to the shooting? Was he holding the rifle in one hand and the Quran in the other? Reports of multiple accomplices, someone holding the doors shut. Supposed visitor of ISIS websites. WHY HAVEN'T THEY SHUT THESE DOWN YET????!!! DOS?

Important side note, did you know that browser history can be faked, much like planting evidence? This person does not fit the profile of a radical. Doesn't pass the sniff test.

Worked for G4S, international security corporation, background checks, firearms certified through DHS.


Speaking of the Purge, teenager goes on supposed “purge like shooting”.


Man detained with weapons and explosive components headed to L.A. Gay Pride event.

In Cashless News:

In Tech News:
Google is working on an AI killswitch...

In Cyberpunk News:
The world's firs tattoo machine cybernetic prosthesis.

In Corpolitical News:
Bankers committing suicide in record numbers, coincidence? LoL.

In Man Made Global Warming News:
(make that Star Wars news) Strange holes in perma-frost opening in Russia. Could this be another indication of DEWs being tested/used?
In Election 2016 News:
not this week folks :)
In WTF News: