Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tin Foil Rantcast - Episode 27 (Freedom of Lies)

The Seth Rich Files

 Much has been said on the untimely death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich. Most of the major releases of information regarding his case have been by the independent media. Yet it is what is NOT being said that provokes the most intrigue. Recapping: Last summer Seth Rich was shot while in transit from a local DC bar to his apartment. The trip, taken on foot, should have been much shorter. Seth was known to have spoken on his cellphone with his girlfriend shortly before he was attacked (and may have made other calls just prior to the gf). The gunshot wounds were the cause of his death. No items appeared to have been stolen from Seth. Almost a year later and we still do not know the full story. Now for plot holes (pun not intended). According to an anonymous source posted to /pol/ two months ago; Seth Rich did not die at the scene of the shooting. He was first transported to a nearby hospital where he received treatment for his wounds. The report goes into great detail, but i cannot personally attest to its credibility.

 Look for what should be there, but isn't.

 1- The lack of any CCTV footage or video from nearby people's video phones gives me great pause. Washington DC is one of the most heavily survielled cities in the United States. Why has no video evidence surfaced?

 2- No follow up investigation or media coverage of note. The family of Seth Rich and Donna Brazil have gone out of their way to crush any new leads into the murder. Dissenters are labeled "conspiracy theorists". What i don't understand is that, with a case gone cold like this, why are the police and FBI not following up on every possible lead?

 3- Nothing was stolen from the victim, but the narrative of a "botched robbery" is still being employed. Authorities note a partially torn watch band as the sole piece of evidence to back this claim. The victim also had signs of defensive wounds, indicating he put up a fight. It would seem to be more reasonable to approach this case as a successful homicide, rather than a failed mugging.

 4- The bar staff and bar owner, of the establishment Seth was at the evening of his murder, were never interviewed. Nor was their security camera footage taken by subpoena.

 5- I can find no indication that the victim's laptop was ever looked into by the original investigators, or anyone else for that matter.

 6- The Rich family spokesperson preemptively discounted the credibility of any emails by Seth Rich to Wikileaks, that may be found in the future. Why would they need to discount evidence that supposedly doesn't exist?

 7- according to the anon post, the victim was expected to survive his wounds. But Seth died moments after his room had been swarmed by law enforcement (after they left).

 The Seth Rich murder has been an exercise in foregone conclusions since day one. It has all the earmarks of a cover-up. Perhaps he was not the DNC leak, but someone is definitely trying their damnedest to sweep his murder under the rug and down the memory-hole. How far do you think this government is willing to go, in order to keep the "Russian hacking" narrative going? A young man was murdered in our nations capitol, and the MSM is being uncharacteristically silent. #justiceforsethrich #draintheswamp #wikileaks #manchesterbombing #manchester

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